Valcreole was founded for Deustch Kurzhaar breeding in 2002. Before this date, Paco Guzmán (the breeder owner and "inventor" of this affix, kennel) started breeding on the early 90´s with a female called Crisna and with a male called Nosco del Guijarral (breeder Justo Millán).

At home, there have always been hunting dogs since I remember. Hunting was very much a family passion, and it was transmitted to me by  my uncle Felipe, my father Pepe and my uncle Vicente: At the age of 9, I used to go with them on quail hunting days. Dogs and guns have always been part of my childhood.

The target is breeding excellent hunting dogs, with potential to become working champions and beauty champions. My dogs are excellent dogs for field and water work competitions (German type) and some of them could also do excellent work on field trial competition. so, the target is "excellent hunting dogs and excellent show dogs", what some people call dual purpose.

On this website you can find some of the dogs that I owned or bred, taking them to become working or beauty champions if they were not champions already; among this working and beauty champions you can find: CH Gina II de Valcreole, CH Theodore de Champreval, CH Florine vom Geestmoor, CH Georg von Geestmoor, CH Dexter de Valcreole, CH  C Cleo de Valcreole, Ch Bren Zstipek, CH-CHIT Pradellinensis Pedra, Jogurt KS von Hege-Haus, Bonny KS von Donauland, Goldi KS von Neuarenberg, Mendi KS von Weestermoor, KS Panther vom Riverwoods, and KS Molly de Valcreole

On this several past years, my dogs have had a very important roll at the shows organized by the Spanish Deutsch Kurzhaar Club, CEBA (Club Español del Braco Alemán), which is the most important GSP/DK Show in Spain every year, involving around 100  German shorthaired pointers each time. My dogs have obtained the CAC in 2004,2005,2006,2007 and 2009, so every time my dogs were there, they obtained the CAC because no Valcreole dogs were on this show in 2003, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2105. 

At the shows organized by the RSCE my dogs have obtained so many CAC-CACIB , that I would need few pages to list them all, including a reserve best in show on a mandatory point for the Beauty Championship of Spain with more that 2700 dogs involved in the show.

In 2013 Diana de Valcreole was the best dog at the Monográfica organized by the CEBA (Spanish Club for DK) Best working and beauty all together. In 2014 We achieved this goal again, Dexter de Valcreole was the best DK at the  CEBA Monográfica, obtaining CAC on the ring and CACT on the field and water test. (Dexter was born at home and bred by me up to the age of 15 months).

2016 Gina II de Valcreole obtained the CAC at the monográfica, wining this title for Valcreole again, and together with the multi CAC and CACIB that she already had before, she became Champion.  In 2017 Gina de Valcreole was awarded with the title of  CEBA´s Best  of the year, on Field and Water Tests.

2018 Molly de Valcreole at the 43th Dr Kleemann zuchtauslese prüfung, obtained her KS title and she became Best female of the Kleemann, (4h search in the field , and 4h search in the water with duck).

Through out the last twenty years, I have had more than 50 dogs, adults and puppies, what made me learn quite a lot about this breed, by visiting breeders all along Europe, changing opinions, knowledge and learning from first hand. Effort has been great but it has allowed me to had an accurate view and perspective of Deutsch kurzhaar´s breeding in Europe.